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Dark Circle Removal


  • Are deep dark-circles haunting you?
  • Aren’t natural remedies working on your dark circles?
  • Are you planning to take professional treatment for dark circles?

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If your skin has many issues that need to be treated with one-for-all treatment, then Microdermabrasion is worth trying. It treats a wide range of skin issues and the result is totally satisfactory.


Even if you have the clearest skin, dark circles can overlap the beauty, making you look tired, aged and dull. Let’s admit that we all have tried natural remedies or anti-dark circle creams to at least lighten the under eye area, but nothing seems to work. Hence, this is probably the time you should consider treating your dark circles professionally.


Besides hereditary factors and stressed lifestyle, increased melanin (also called hyper-pigmentation), fat loss beneath the eye and broken blood vessels are some reasons behind getting those ghastly dark circles. However, if you take a professional treatment to cure dark circles, it may work wonders for you.




After examining your problem, the cosmetologist will discuss the detailed procedure with you. Along with chemical peel, you may be recommended microdermabrasion, IPL or laser treatments to cure dark circles completely.

Key Benefits

  • Radiant eyes
  • Pain-free
  • Quick
  • Instant result
  • Minimal downtime


  • Minimal pain or discomfort
  • Minimal risk
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • No anaesthesia required
  • No recovery time
  • Beautiful skin
  • Improved confidence
  • Pain-free
  • Safe
  • Quick


At DermaVue, we offer well-customized, cosmetic skin services to men and women. We have highly skilled doctors and surgeons who will discuss your concerns and will perform a hassle-free treatment. We also carry mineral cosmetics and physician-grade, prescription-strength skin care products to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.


The center is equipped with latest technical tools and support systems. We also offer ‘feel at home’ atmosphere and personalized care for complete satisfaction of our customers.


Call us

Call us on Phone: 0471- 6060 007 or Mob: 80899 99772 right now or request a call back from us to get specific information and guidance pertaining to your personal cosmetic needs. Our Cosmetic physician is trained to care for your appearance as well as your health. With extensive yet totally private consultation with our professional skin experts, you get an overview of the solutions we provide to suit your need, budget and time. Call today to schedule a consultation with a physician who will develop your Personalized Treatment Plan.  

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Question & Answer


How long does Dark Circles Reduction Treatment?

Dark Circles Reduction Treatment takes around one hour.


Is Dark Circles Reduction Treatment is safe?

It is a non-invasive procedure which is perfectly safe. Our Cosmetologist will observe you to minimise the risk of any significant skin reaction.


Is Dark Circles Reduction Treatment result is permanent?

Result will be amazing. Aging and atmospheric damage is ongoing process. So you need to take proper skin care and medication as may be prescribed by our cosmetologist for long lasting result.


What does Dark Circles Reduction Treatment cost?

The cost of Dark Circles Reduction Treatment depends on how long it takes to carry out the procedure. For an estimate on how much a Dark Circles Reduction Treatment may cost or to arrange consultation call Dermavue on Phone: 0471- 6060 007 Mob/WhatsApp: 80899 99772

Call Dermavue today on Phone: 0471- 6060 007 or Mob/Whatsapp: 80899 99772 for further details on Dark Circles Reduction Treatment.


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